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Get easy access on your credentials anytime, anywhere,

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Make your password safe and secure

Tired of digging through emails, sticky notes, and spreadsheets just to find that one password? PassHub helps you store & organize all your team’s logins.

Tired of digging through emails, sticky notes, and spreadsheets just to find that one password? PassHub helps you store & organize all your team’s logins.

Features & Benefits

Power At Your Fingertips

NEW IN 1.2.0 – 2-step verification, translation support, and more!

Keep Your Data Safe

Log ins are encrypted using industry-proven AES 128-bit encryption technology 

Find Logins Quickly

Search by keyword, category or both

Access Your Logins On the Go

Fully responsive design supoorts Iphone, Android and Tablets

Multi- Users in Small Team

Create accounts for each team member, and assign them to groups with custom access

Control Login Access for Team

Assign group permissions to users to control access to pages and categories

Modern & Secure Design

Enjoy a user-friendly experience based on Google’s material design standards and Google Authenticator.

Quality Code

Coded to industry -standard PSR guidelines, easy to understand and extend

What’s Included

  • PassHub password manager application
  • Written documentation including installation guide and user guide
  • API documentation for developers
  • 6 months support
  • Future updates

Features in Detail

  • Responsive Material Design
    Enjoy an attractive and usable interface based on Google’s material design standards. Compatible with smartphones, tablets, and desktop.
  • Optional Two Step Verification (NEW)
    If enabled, users will be required to set up two step verification using an authenticator app such as Google Authenticator. This option improves account security in case the user’s password is obtained by a malicious third party.
  • Secure user passwords
    User accounts created to access PassHub have their passwords securely hashed
  • Secure login storage
    Logins stored inside PassHub have all fields securely encrypted using a unique key
  • Custom Permissions
    Create and assign groups to users, each with custom access permissions to pages and categories.
  • Private “My Logins” Category
    Each user gets their own private “My Logins” category which is not viewable by other users.
  • Categories
    Create categories and assign logins to them
  • Live Search
    Find the right login quickly by keyword, category, or both
  • Copy to clipboard
    On modern browsers, simply click a field to copy its value to clipboard
  • Multiple field types
    Store any text content in a login by creating fields with either text, textarea, or password field types
  • CSV and Activity Log Export
    Export all login data as a backup copy
  • Updater
    Upgrade existing installations to 1.2.1
  • Well documented code
    Code uses DocBlocks for all classes and methods, and is heavily commented.
  • Multiple Language Support (NEW)
    Using the new Settings screen, Admins can select their custom translation!
  • Activity Logging (NEW)
    Keep track of who did what with logins, categories, users and settings using activity logging. Activity records can be exported using the Tools page.
  • Settings Page (NEW)
    Customize PassHub to meet your requirements! Change settings for interface language, user session timeout, force SSL, enable 2-step verification, enable activity log, and more.


  • Built with the Fat Free Framework
  • Object-oriented code
  • Protected against XSS and CSRF attacks
  • Meets PSR-1 Basic Coding Standard and PSR-2 Coding Style Guide to ensure a high level of technical interoperability between shared PHP code.
  • Meets PSR-4 autoloader requirements.

Web Hosting Requirements

In order for PassHub to work correctly, your web hosting must meet these requirements:

  • Apache web server
  • PHP version 5.5 or greater (7.3+ recommended)—check your web hosting control panel for a PHP version switcher if it doesn’t meet this requirement, or contact your web host to upgrade
  • MySQL version 5.5 or greater

Also, I highly recommend you install a SSL certificate and access PassHub only through https:// instead of http://. Otherwise, your login info could be sniffed out by a malicious third party. SSL encrypts information sent to and from your web hosting, so your data is protected from third parties. Contact your web host to install one.

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